Compound Optimization Recommendation Engine

A powerful tool that drives buisness directly to your pharmacy. It encourages providers to consider and write compounds your pharmacy wants to fill.

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With C.O.R.E.

Your pharmacy

can resolve physician and patient challenges to compounding. This translates to increased prescription volume.

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How C.O.R.E.

is best suited to provide patients a personalized healthcare experience like no other.

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About Us

Our Company at a Glance

Our goal at C.O.R.E is simple; we want to improve the quality of medical care by providing quick and easy access to customized solutions for the unique needs of individual patients. Now prescribing the ideal remedy is easier than prescribing one that is simply an okay fit.

C.O.R.E is creating innovative solutions to help improve the relationships between providers, patients and pharmacies. Through better understanding we are developing tools that allow providers to quickly and accurately prescribe customized medications.

Our mission doesn’t end there. We are working on new products that will allow patients a better understanding of their therapies and how to work with their providers and pharmacies to expeditiously achieve their medical goals; a healthier less cumbersome medication regimen.

Clinical Assistance

Recommend clinical situations that would benefit compounding.

Compounding Assistance

Gain understanding of when and why certain ingredients are used.

Build Your Brand

Establish and build your brand by gaining the tools to promote your own custom formulas.

Promote Your Pharmacy

Market your pharmacy as the go to destination for compound medications with a simplified prescription writing process.